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Our digital marketing services can help your business unleash its full potential by effectively connecting with customers online in Brisbane and throughout Australia.

Search Factory | iProspect’s digital marketing services cover a wide range of areas, each with their own requisite knowledge and skills. Whether you want to boost your website’s visibility in search engine results or sit back and let someone else write your blog posts, we have the professionals you’re looking for.

Here is a breakdown of what we do:

Search Engine Optimisation

Long-term strategies for search engine success

Pay Per Click

Targeted ads that balance CTR with CPA

Programmatic Advertising

Automated and intelligent ad placements

Content Marketing

Build awareness through clever content strategy.

Digital Analytics Consulting

Actionable insights into your digital data

Digital Strategy Consulting

Comprehensive direction for your online marketing

Content Writing

High-quality copy written for your brand

Design For Marketing

Stunning visual material to promote your brand


Boosting your business’s organic search rankings is no easy feat. Luckily, our Brisbane-based SEO team is full of qualified, Google-certified professionals who have a great track record of getting results. Proven methods and SEO best practices are combined with innovative thinking and knowledge of your business, resulting in impactful tactics that are unique to you, your company and your industry.


With the power of specificity, Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of online marketing that allows you to target your ads at particular individuals. Whether your prospective customers are searching for a service on Google or browsing through their Facebook feed, our PPC experts can help your business become visible almost instantly. We aim to drive traffic and conversions through strategic ad placements and carefully managed PPC campaigns.

Programmatic Advertising

Using automation and specified parameters, Programmatic Advertising can help you engage in highly targeted marketing in real time. Our creative campaign strategists maintain a huge focus on data and produce results that can make a difference for your business. From banners to videos, you can trust us to ensure your key messages are received by the right people at the right time.

Content Writing

Strategic, well-crafted content can help you achieve a huge range of business objectives, from defining your brand’s unique personality to building awareness of your products and services. Our in-house wordsmiths have the skills to produce well-researched, engaging, polished and SEO-friendly pieces of writing, whether they be blogs, press releases, product descriptions or an About Us website page.

Content Marketing

Connect with your customers through engaging content, maximise your online reach, establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry, and so much more – the right content strategy can help you kick a wide range of digital goals. Our content strategists combine forward thinking with an emphasis on data to bring you effective and thoughtful ideas.

Design for Marketing

Grab customers’ attention with visually attractive content and get your brand seen and heard online. Our content design and production experts focus on creating the kind of engaging content that people want to like, comment on and share. From infographics and landing pages to interactive digital content and banner ads, Design for Marketing can complement and support your other online marketing activities.

Digital Strategy Consulting

When it comes to digital marketing services, knowing where to start can be daunting. What will best aid your business’s growth? What will be most effective in driving conversions? What won’t work for you? Our digital strategists can answer all these questions, helping you move in the right direction and identify everything you need, regardless of your budget.

Digital Analytics Consulting

Experiencing an information overload? Our Data Analytics and Insights professionals can help you at any stage of your data project, from measurement and processing to statistical analysis and reporting. You’ll walk away with a wealth of valuable and actionable knowledge, such as competitor information and business intelligence.

Why choose us?

Apart from having team members who are ridiculously talented at everything from table-tennis to baking, Search Factory can offer you:

No Lock-in Contracts

You will enjoy complete freedom because we understand that sometimes circumstances can change and you need flexibility.

Bespoke Projects

You call the shots on what you want and need from us. We customise a strategy that what will get you the best results.

Strict KPI Targets

There’s no aimless wandering in the dark or lack of accountability. We’ll work with you to define clear goals and deadlines.

Local Experts

Our team is based in Brisbane, and we’re always happy to catch up in person and show you our pretty faces.


You can bet all our decisions and recommendations are based on solid data. In fact, you don’t need to bet – just check out the detailed reports we’ll provide you.

Proven Industry Leaders

It’s tough out here, but we’ve shown we have the people, skills and passion to keep excelling and getting results for our clients.

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