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Looking for targeted, strategic content tailored for your audience? You’ve come to the right place.

Build awareness, engage your customers, and give your brand a real voice. There’s a wide range of business objectives you can achieve with the right content, and the Search Factory | iProspect team in Brisbane has the writing skills to make it happen.

What is Content Writing?

You may think the term ‘content writing’ is fairly self-explanatory. Well, you’re right! Compared to SEO, PPC and Programmatic, Content Writing is definitely our most straightforward service. But that doesn’t mean it’s simple or easy – we just make it look that way.

Every piece of content our team creates is the product of:

  • In-depth research
  • Planning and brainstorming
  • Hours of writing
  • Meticulous editing and proofreading.

We don’t treat content writing as throwing words together on a screen, and we don’t follow any ‘universal formula’. Your customers expect more than that – and your brand deserves better. That’s why we spend time investigating your audience, your industry, and your business’s goals, so that we can:

  • Tailor our writing to your brand
  • Drive conversions and engagement via your content
  • Provide genuine value for your existing and potential customers.

When you work with us, you’ll have an engaged and experienced content team itching to fill up your website with copy, blog posts, product descriptions, quizzes, infographics, press releases, and anything else you can imagine. Tight deadlines, tricky industries and high-volume orders are no match for our nimble minds!

Why Choose Us for Content Writing?

Would ‘because we said so’ persuade you? No? Okay then, you force us to bring out the big guns. There are countless reasons why we should be your first choice when looking for a Content Writing team in Brisbane, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 6 key things you’re most likely to care about.

We Understand Writing

Our in-house writing team is a diverse and vibrant bunch with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. Even if your industry falls outside our areas of expertise, we are well-trained in brushing up quickly and will know all your lingo in no time.

We Understand SEO

We know what people want to read, but we also know what search engines need. Your content will be influenced by our knowledge of SEO best practices. We also have access to handy keyword tools, and our SEO team is only a stone’s throw away whenever we need some extra input.

We’re Quick

We can complete most standard projects in a 30-day turnaround period. If you need your pages pronto, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your desired timeline – but we never cut corners.

We Understand You

Or at least we will understand you very soon, thanks to our comprehensive briefing questions. To write content tailored to your brand, we need to know your business inside and out. This is why we care so much about our pre-writing communication with you.

We’re Aussie

Every person who writes for Search Factory is based right here in Australia. We don’t outsource any content writing overseas.

We Won’t Ambush You With Hidden Costs

Briefing and revisions are both included in the original price that we quote. So if you ask for some small changes to your content, we won’t reply with a new invoice – we’ll just make those edits for you as quickly as we can!

Content Writing Case Studies

What’s Included in This Service?

Want to know what kind of content we can whip up for you? Well, we don’t like to brag, but the word everything comes to mind. From serious research articles to laugh-out-loud interactive quizzes (complete with GIFs), our Brisbane-based team has experience in just about any writing format you could think of.

Website Pages
From snappy summaries to nitty gritty specifics, you can count on our writers to knock all your website’s copy out of the park. We write:

  • Home pages
  • About Us pages
  • Product range/category pages
  • Location pages
  • FAQs pages.

Our web copy is written with both conversion and SEO in mind, which means your customers will dig it and the search engines will dig it up.

Blog Posts
An active and engaging blog can increase your brand awareness, help you get discovered by Google, and even win over customers – especially if they find your posts helpful, interesting and entertaining. At Search Factory, we can turn your dull (or non-existent) blog into a thriving content hub with a variety of article types and angles.

Our blog posts are always developed and written with your target audience in mind to ensure we’re capturing their interest, fulfilling their needs, or doing a bit of both!

Product Descriptions
Photos and features are crucial for selling your goods online, but a punchy product description can be the final touch that pushes customers over the line. Whether we’re explaining how your products work or relating them to your customer’s day-to- day routine, our product descriptions will paint each item in the best possible light.

From suitcases and furniture to healthcare essentials, we have experience writing about products in a wide range of industries.

For content that truly gets people engaging with your brand, you can’t go past an interactive quiz. With fun, visual questions and clever outcomes, our quizzes are designed to make your customers think and create a positive impression of your business – with a cheeky call to action here and there.

Some quizzes can also be used as valuable sources of customer data. A carefully integrated question can reveal information that could influence your digital strategy or help you understand your target market.

Blog posts filled with wonderful words can be great – don’t get us wrong. But there are some ideas that really need to be visual. By working with our Design/Development team, we can create exciting and attractive infographics to brighten up your website or your blog.
Press Releases

Does your company have some big news that the world needs to hear about? We can help you spread the word. Simply provide us with all the details and we’ll craft them into an eloquent press release that the media will want to publish.

Social Messages

Want to promote your blog posts and other content on social media, but not sure what to say? Our writers can help with this too! Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have languages of their own, but we’re multilingual – we’ll provide you with succinct social messages tailored to each channel.

Content Plans

A long-term content plan can be a vital part of driving your brand’s digital strategy. In collaboration with you, we will develop a list of titles and themes into a schedule, so you’ll know exactly what is being posted months in advance.

This is How We Do It

Our writing process is simple and easy – for you. For us, there’s a lot of time and hard work involved, but that’s okay because we love it.

It all starts with a chat and some briefing questions. These allow us to get to know you, your brand, and what you’re looking for in your content. Once we understand your business’s needs, we’ll get stuck into some preliminary research before we do the actual writing. The drafts are then edited and proofread by another member of the Content Writing team – 4 eyes are better than 2 – and the finished documents are then sent to you.

For larger projects, we also add an additional step of drafting a sample page for your approval. This way, we know we’re on the right track before we proceed with the rest of your content.

What if the content needs changes?
Our service generally covers 2 rounds of revisions, so please don’t hesitate to tell us if there’s something that needs to be revised or reconsidered. Your feedback is always welcome.
I want content, but I don’t know what kind of content. Can you help?
You bet we can! We’ll do some research and brainstorming, then we’ll pitch our suggestions to you. A quirky team of writers can be very creative – we think you’ll love the ideas we have.
What if I have my own in-house writers?
Perfect! We love collaborating with other writers. Our team is happy to work in whatever capacity you desire, whether that means paving the way for your own writing staff or providing support on a project that’s too large for them to handle alone.
My business is in a highly technical niche. Will that be a problem?

Don’t stress – we’re old hands at turning industry jargon into everyday chat so you can reach your target market. Alternatively, if your audience is fluent in the lingo, we can incorporate your tech-talk into each piece of content, leaving potential customers confident in your abilities.

How much does this service cost?

We would love to give you a straightforward figure, but that wouldn’t do justice to the tailored nature of our writing service. Our quotes always depend on how much content you need and how tricky/time-consuming it will be to create it.

Is all your content writing SEO-friendly?

Absolutely. Everything we write is guided by SEO principles, with advice as needed from our friends in the SEO team. We have online tools to help us determine the most appropriate keywords for your copy, and we know how to use these keywords in an effective yet subtle way.

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