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We’re all friends at Search Factory | iProspect, and there’s nothing we love more than working together to deliver and execute comprehensive digital strategies for our clients in Brisbane and across Australia.

Whether you have an idea of which elements you want to combine or you’re coming to us with an open mind, we can work with you to create a targeted and measurable digital marketing strategy that pushes the envelope and makes you stand out in the digital landscape.

What is Digital Strategy?

A digital strategy is a structured plan that uses fundamental components like websites, advertising channels, success measures, measurement protocol and other specifics to impact any or all components of the marketing mix for a brand.

By laying out a tailored strategy for your business, you can ensure all your digital marketing activities work together to achieve key objectives, as well as having clear signposts for success.

Let us create a smart combination of PPC, Programmatic Advertising, SEO, Content Writing, Content Marketing, and Design for Marketing to help get your brand on your consumers’ radars.

Why Choose Us for Digital Strategy?

If knowing you’ll have a Brisbane-based team of experts at your fingertips isn’t quite enough to seal the deal, check out the other reasons to choose us for all your digital marketing strategy needs.

We Offer Tailored, Customisable Service

We could give you the same old tired, templated strategy and just hope for the best, but we actually enjoy creating a tailored game plan for every client. Not every business is perfectly suited for certain services, so we consider a range of factors when we build your customised strategy, such as your industry, market position, and business objectives.

We Believe in Comprehensive Reporting

Our reports are set up to be useful for you – the essential information is always included in an easy-to-read format. Want to add in extra goals or metrics? Too easy! Reports exist to help you make informed decisions, so we make sure you get the most out of them.

We are Data-Centric

Strategies that aren’t driven by data don’t deserve to be called strategies. We take all the data we can get and use it to create a comprehensive, targeted plan that will have your digital elements reaching the people you need them to.

We Have a Holistic Approach

It’s not about individual campaigns – it’s about your long-term success. Our departments don’t compete internally to get the best results. We pull together to understand your business and achieve great things.

We Have Dedicated Account Managers

Cut through the (figurative) fat and deal directly with the person (or people) who will be working on your account. This means faster actions, prompt responses, and Australian-based expertise are only a phone call or email away.

We Can Present You With Proven Results

Big ideas are one thing. Big ideas that get results are another. We know how to get it done.

What’s Included in This Service?

Our Digital Strategy service can be as hands-on or hands-off as you like. We can take the wheel and drive your entire strategy from start to finish, but we’re also just as happy to take a backseat and provide navigation as needed.

Full Digital Strategy, from Top to Bottom

Get a full, comprehensive digital strategy that ties together every component in a way that is data-driven and specific to your business. With our wide range of services available in-house, let our experts create and execute your strategy so you can watch your business grow.

Channel Selection, Data and Measurement, Trafficking and Reporting

Not sure what channel to use or how to measure success? Let us handle those questions – we are adept at selecting channels that will optimise the return on your investment, and our comprehensive reporting will allow you to track our success.

Website and Conversion

Is your website a little old or rickety? Are you finding it just doesn’t measure up to what others are using, or even just to what your customers expect? We’re experts at designing and developing websites that are optimised for conversions, so your external digital activities aren’t wasted on a site that doesn’t work how it should.

Target Audiences and Media

If you want to connect with your target market, you need to understand who they are. If you know who they are, what they do, what they like, how they spend their spare time, where they spend their time online, and how they like to consume media, you can position your business effectively and make your products, services or online presence a valuable part of their life.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing who your competitors are and what they are doing is often vital. Completing a thorough competitor analysis can offer valuable insights into what they do well, what they do poorly, how and
where your business can improve, and what you may need to watch out for in the future. We’ll do a detailed analysis of your competitors’ digital presence and activities as part of our complete digital strategy.

Situational Analysis

One of the pillars of both traditional and digital marketing, the situational analysis is key to understanding where you are, where you want to be, how you can get there, and what may stand in your way. We’ll complete a full situational analysis and present you with the results, so you can see how our strategy will allow you to hit your targets and progress your business.

Digital Strategy FAQs

When you’re working on a digital strategy, there will always be lots of questions to ask. We’ve answered some of the common queries below, but don’t hesitate to call our Brisbane office for a more tailored and in-depth discussion of your digital needs.

Which digital activities should I have in my strategy?

This will depend on factors like your industry, your budget and your target market. While many strategies will incorporate most of our services, the split of budget and attention will be specific to you.

How can I measure success?

Use your key business objectives to measure success. Noting these is part of creating your strategy, so we’ll be sure to report on metrics that directly relate to your goals. This way, you get a clear picture of how effective our tactics are, and you can make informed decisions from the data you receive.

What should I invest?

Your investment will be determined by your business model and available funds. If your business is primarily digitally based, you will probably focus more heavily on digital activities, whereas a local food joint or family-owned retailer may prefer to prioritise more traditional activities, such as flyers.

How do you tailor my strategy for my goals?

We work alongside you to make sure every element of your digital strategy aligns with and contributes to achieving your objectives. Our strategists will then select the most appropriate services, platforms and channels, assigning budget for each to help you hit your goals.

What is involved in managing my strategy?

Our team can handle the practical aspects involved in executing your strategy just as easily as they can create the strategy in the first place. Across each service, your account managers will monitor any activities, continually optimise any campaigns based on the most recently available data, track and report, and offer insights on performance and results.

How do you report on performance?

We use our detailed reports to communicate with you on any successes we have or opportunities that arise. These reports show data relevant to your key business objectives, so you can see exactly how our digital strategy is contributing to your overall performance.

How do you target my audience?

This varies depending on the service. When it comes to PPC marketing activities, we can target the correct audience easily using the tools available through each platform. For other activities, like creating website content, our expert writers are experienced in writing for personas, and they will ask you all the questions they need in order to understand as much as possible about your ideal customer.

How do I get started?

Give us a call or fill in the form below. We’re always up for a chat!

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