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If you want to conquer the internet like a modern-day, not-so-evil Attila the Hun, you’ll need a comprehensive, data-driven strategy prepared, delivered and executed by marketing experts. Luckily for you, this is exactly what our services offer.

We are a digital marketing agency in Brisbane with global connections, our team provides world-class services with a local touch – kind of like your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, but with a lot less spandex and even more ‘web’. With our balance of professionalism and personality, Search Factory | iProspect presents you with an effective yet enjoyable way to take your company further online.

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What We Do

You may already know us as a ‘search marketing agency’. Yes, we still wear this hat – and we make it look damn good – but we’re also much more than this. Alongside our core SEO and Paid Search services, our toolbox also contains Content, Digital Strategy, Programmatic Advertising, and Design for Marketing. We’re the one-stop destination for digital marketing in Brisbane and beyond – a digital marketing agency ready to assist with all your online needs.

What We Care About

We know the most important things for you are strong results and consistent communication. Our team is committed to these same principles, which is why we’re always keen to catch up and discuss your project’s progress over the phone, over a coffee, or even over a beer. From the initial meeting to the moment we achieve (or exceed) your targets, you’ll always know what’s going on and why.

Clients we have worked with

We have been featured in:

What We Specialise In

We combine specialist knowledge of key services with the ability to see the big picture. Our digital marketing agency has the strategic mindset to recognise what your brand’s digital puzzle should look like, but we also have the practical knowhow to put all the pieces together.

Search Engine Optimisation

Long-term strategies for search engine success

Pay Per Click

Targeted ads that balance CTR with CPA

Programmatic Advertising

Automated and intelligent ad placements

Content Marketing

Build awareness through clever content strategy.

Digital Analytics Consulting

Actionable insights into your digital data

Digital Strategy Consulting

Comprehensive direction for your online marketing

Content Writing

High-quality copy written for your brand

Design For Marketing

Stunning visual material to promote your brand

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing a digital marketing agency is hard. But it’s easy to see why Brisbane brands keep choosing Search Factory | iProspect. Just take a glance through the things that make us stand out:

Data-Driven Strategies

No guesswork, no flying blind, no need to cross our fingers. Our methods are backed by data, which helps us predict your results.

No Lock-In Contracts

We’d be sad if our clients only stayed with us because they had to. We understand that circumstances change and you need the freedom to do what's best for your business.

Local Experts

Our people are Brisbane locals and specialists in their respective fields, ensuring each stage of your campaign is in more-than-capable hands.

Strict KPI Targets

With measurable milestones and key targets to hit, we know exactly what success looks like. This means we can tell you how well your project is going at any time (spoiler alert: it’s going great!).

Tailored Projects

We won’t try to squeeze your business into a cookie-cutter template. Your strategies will be custom-made to fit your objectives and budget.

Industry-Leading Communication

Using contemporary programs like Asana, Instagantt and Client Heartbeat allows us to streamline our communication, which makes updating you on our progress a breeze. 

What our clients say about us

Coral Homes

Search Factory increased our SEM conversion rate by 54% and decreased Cost Per Acquisition by 47% while reducing AdWords spend by $5,000. Organic traffic has increased by 190.13% since May 2012. Conversions from Organic traffic have increased by 196% since tracking started in July 2012.

Coral Homes

99 Bikes

Search Factory have helped us to increase our online revenue by 785%.

99 Bikes

My Health Warehouse

Since we started with Search Factory, we have seen conversions increase by 36% and reduced CPA by 50%.

My Health Warehouse

Travel Money Oz

As of June this year, organic traffic is up 179.05% year on year with the average duration of visits increased by 42%. Number of pages visited has also increased by 26.48%, showing a large increase in targeting quality traffic that is engaging with our site. Our share of voice has increased with new visitors to the site increasing by 181.45%

Travel Money Oz

Cruise About

Search Factory has helped us navigate Google’s constantly changing algorithm updates with great success.

Cruise About

99 Bikes

A Case Study:

Organic traffic increased by


After a full technical audit of the 99 Bikes website, we were able to confidently recommend upgrading to a more SEO-friendly build. This move, complemented by smart keyword targeting, succeeded in increasing the site’s organic visibility.

Organic online revenue increased by


Our SEO activity enabled 99 Bikes to launch new products effectively online, contributing to an impressive increase in online revenue. The streamlined user experience of the new site made for a smooth, logical purchase journey for 99 Bikes customers.

99 Bikes has a reputation for being one of Australia’s leading bicycle retailers. By seizing opportunities, recommending improvements and working closely with the 99 Bikes team, Search Factory was able to extend this reputation to the client’s online presence. Our SEO tactics produced boosts in both traffic and transactions, demonstrating the comprehensive approach that we use for every client’s SEO strategy. This project began with a full technical audit and encompassed a complex, successful transition to a superior ecommerce platform.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Okay, you’ve made it this far – chances are you’re ready for some juicy details! Click on any service that interests you below to get a sneak peek into what we can do for you.


Our SEO service includes:

  • Conducting a technical audit of your website
  • Researching your related keywords
  • Analysing your competitors
  • Checking for any Google penalties
  • Setting up your Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • Auditing your backlink profile
  • Reviewing your information architecture
  • Reporting to you monthly with our progress, results and insights.

Getting your brand discovered organically through Google and Bing doesn’t just happen overnight. But with the right long-term tactics and critical thinking, it can happen. Our SEO strategies aren’t designed as quick fixes because we want to help you rank for essential keywords for many years to come.

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Our PPC (Pay Per Click) service includes:

  • Setting up your campaigns
  • Monitoring and optimising your campaigns
  • Experimenting to find the best customised approach for your brand
  • Reporting our results and insights to you
  • Designing landing pages and display banners
  • Providing you with expert advice and support.

If you want to get your brand immediately seen by the people most likely to be interested in your product or service, Pay Per Click is the golden ticket you need. Our PPC experts will have your digital advertising campaigns set up and optimised in no time.

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Content Writing

Our Content Writing service covers:

  • Website pages (including category pages, About Us pages, and home pages like this one)
  • Blog posts
  • Infographics
  • Quizzes
  • Product descriptions
  • Press releases
  • Social media messages.

With a thorough briefing process, skilled in-house writers, and meticulous editing, we can provide you with high-quality copy to match (or create) your brand’s unique voice. We even offer two revisions included in our quote to cover any changes you’d like made to our final drafts.

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Content Marketing

A strong content marketing strategy can:

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Help you position yourself as an industry leader
  • Turn customers into promoters of your business
  • Improve your conversion and retention rates in the long run.

With so many potential benefits, it’s important that your company’s content strategy is capable of maximising results. And this is exactly where our expertise and experience comes in handy. Based on data but flexible in nature, our campaigns involve creating high-quality content and amplifying it in smart, calculated ways.

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Programmatic Advertising

Our Programmatic Advertising service includes:

  • Developing a campaign strategy
  • Optimising and regularly reporting on your campaign
  • Tracking and quantifying the campaign’s results
  • Designing creative materials for your campaign
  • Creating custom solutions that suit your brand and budget.

Programmatic is an innovative and exciting aspect of advertising, and Search Factory is proud to be one of the first Brisbane digital marketing agencies to offer this. Getting in early on this service is a great way to ensure your brand is leading the way in its industry.

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Design for Marketing

Our Design for Marketing service includes:

  • A comprehensive briefing process
  • Carefully matching material to your existing image and brand guidelines
  • Developing creative pieces (including infographics and banner ads) for SEO, Content Marketing, and PPC purposes
  • Complementing and enhancing the projects of our other departments
  • Implementing requested revisions.

Both online and off, appearances and first impressions are vital for attracting customers and creating an accurate brand. Our skill and passion for design ensures all your marketing collateral can look fantastic.

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Digital Strategy

Our Digital Strategy service incorporates all Search Factory departments as required and includes:

  • Analysing your business’s needs and goals
  • Determining the ideal direction for your brand’s digital marketing
  • Developing a comprehensive strategy to guide our activities
  • Seamlessly blending SEO, PPC, Content Writing, Content Strategy, Programmatic Display and Design for Marketing services to deliver on your strategy.

If you need an agency that can understand and handle every aspect of your digital marketing, our team is ready to assist you.

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Digital Analytics Consulting

Our Digital Analytics Consulting service includes:

  • Measuring data that’s relevant to your business
  • Processing and reporting on key statistics
  • Providing you with actionable insights and valuable business intelligence
  • Analysing your industry and competitors
  • Supplementing data as required.

Whether your business has never done digital analysis before or is already halfway through a campaign, we can help you turn your numbers into ideas and opportunities. Trust our data analysis professionals to provide you with an intelligent, tailored solution for your company.

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