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Frequency Capping Across AdWords Remarketing Campaigns

Frequency capping is an important part of running display campaigns, especially across remarketing campaigns that are engaging with users who are in different stages of the buying funnel. Setting a frequency cap too low may be reducing your branding exposure and the ability to squeeze users through to the end of the funnel. Setting a frequency cap to high may result in over saturating the market and wasting ad spend on users who are not likely to convert. The following blog aims to provide some quick tips to determine your ideal AdWords frequency cap. For those new to AdWords,...

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Setting Up Your Google Shopping for Success- 3 Quick Tips

Google Shopping is a must for any online e-commerce brand. If you’re not using Google Shopping as part of your e-com strategy, you need to get on board now! For those unfamiliar with Google Shopping, here is a quick run down: Google Shopping allows you to promote your websites product inventory through Merchant Centre and AdWords across the Google Network. A big advantage of using Google Shopping is that you can potentially show up to three or more times in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). That is, you can show for a text ad in the paid search...

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SEM New Year’s Resolutions: 3 Quick Account Tips

It’s a new year and with 2014 now done and dusted, it’s common for us to set a number of goals for the coming year ahead – eat less, exercise more, further our careers and so on. So why not do the same for your SEM accounts? With the year kicking off, there is no better time to jump into your paid search campaigns and set some clear goals and strategy for the year ahead. Below are 3 quick tips to get you started and refresh your campaigns for 2015! P1. Be Proactive with Strategy – Plan Ahead With all...

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Mobile Day Parting Using AdWords Scripts

Gone are the days where users interact with only one device online. Users now shop and research across multiple devices at different stages of the purchase process, including mobile, tablet and desktop computers. As such, it has become increasingly important over recent years to ensure that your AdWords strategy incorporates some form of activity across each of these devices to drive results for your brand. While AdWords does currently allow advertisers to set mobile-specific bids at a campaign and AdGroups level, the interface lacks the ability to break this down by hour of day and by day of week...

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What’s the Right AdWords Budget for You?

What’s the right AdWords budget for you? The answer – It’s complicated. Deciding how high to set the budget for your AdWords campaigns can be a surprisingly tricky task, especially if you are a new advertiser to the platform and have not previously run a campaign before. Setting a budget too high often results in over saturating your market to the point where you may no longer be able to generate additional profit for your brand. That said, setting a budget too low may be limiting your exposure and resulting in missed sale or lead opportunities. So how do...

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