What You Missed Last Week in Digital

by | Oct 31, 2016 | Digital News

Pesky bugs, targeted advertising and even politics – this week’s edition of digital news has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start reading to get caught up on all the notable events that have shaped the industry over the past 7 days.

Google Partners Bug Wreaks Havoc

A Google Partners bug caused some trouble at the end of last week, leading many agencies to believe they had lost their Search Ad specialisations. Google Partners is a program designed to help digital marketing professionals manage their Adwords accounts. In order to achieve Google Partners status, agencies and individuals must take a series of exams, through which they can earn Adwords qualifications. Search Ad specialisations allow companies to differentiate themselves in competitive markets, giving them the upper hand in SERPs.

So, when a bug triggered a series of emails to be sent out to agencies informing them that their Search Ad specialisations had expired, it understandably caused some distress. Google’s all over it though – they told Search Engine Land that agencies should disregard the emails while they worked to fix the issue, and would “let our partners know when it’s resolved.”



Reddit Introduces Interest Targeting

Reddit has confirmed that they will enable interest targeting in their advertising product. The ads will be based on a selection of predetermined subjects, such as sports and gaming.  As one of the biggest social news sites in the world, Reddit’s decision to implement interest targeting is certainly savvy. However, the company may want to tread carefully, as Reddit’s core demographic is famous for their ad-hating attitudes.

CEO Steve Huffman used the announcement of the new ad product to reassure users that it won’t ruin their Reddit experience. Huffman clearly knows his audience, as he introduced the topic of ads by stating “prepare your pitchforks”, and including a link to an opt out page.



Angela Merkel Calls Out Search Engines

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, one of the world’s most powerful women, has used a press conference in Munich to launch a scathing attack on the secrecy surrounding search engine algorithms. She called on the world’s most powerful internet platforms to be more honest about how their algorithms work, stating that their lack of transparency distorts perceptions and endangers debating culture.

Merkel’s comments add to the growing pressure that search engines are under to operate more openly. After all, who wouldn’t want to know all of Google’s secrets?




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