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By focusing on their strengths as a brand and expanding existing content, we were able to make the Cruisin’ Motorhomes website significantly more appealing.


Increase in revenue from paid search


Decrease in cost per conversion

How we helped WorkwearHub

Our experience with AdWords allowed us to thoroughly understand where there was opportunity to improve performance in WorkwearHub’s previous account setup. Our dedicated account manager was able to work with them to create effective campaigns that aligned with their other marketing efforts.

The Background

WorkwearHub engaged us to boost the performance of their AdWords account and grow their revenue. The following goals were discussed with the client prior to launch:

* Grow number of sales generated from AdWords

* Increase return on investment within AdWords

* Improve cost efficiencies through paid activities, including reduction in campaign CPA

* Increase number of brands advertised through AdWords

* Ensure a smooth transition of the new website launch.

Our Approach

After setting the goals of the activity, we completed a number of activities in order to improve paid media performance:

1. Conducted an in-depth analysis of existing campaign targeting and performance, deciding an account rebuild was necessary.

2. Rebuilt all existing search campaigns, added 8 new shopping campaigns, and optimised the existing shopping campaigns.

3. Reviewed merchant centre issues and managed updates.

4. Identified URL issues on the new site, outlining the required adjustments to improve conversion rate and repair organic ranking.

5. Brought AdWords promotions into line with monthly marketing activity.

6. Conducted advanced bid and budget optimisation across campaigns and keywords, including day parting bid adjustment, device bidding adjustments and geo-specific bid adjustments.

Our Results


Increase in revenue from paid search

With ongoing optimisation across keywords, devices and geographic locations, along with the rebuild of all search campaigns and the optimisation of all shopping campaigns, Search Factory contributed to a significant improvement in revenue in the first 3 months of management (compared to the previous 3 months).


Decrease in cost per conversion

Better cost efficiency positions WorkwearHub well within the market.

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